Fad Diets and Ewan The Sheep

It’s 3am…

I’m tired

Mrs Fruci is tired

But baby Ottilie?

Wide awake!

So, in a last ditch attempt to get her back to sleep

I pull out the latest trendy way to help your baby sleep…

a £30 teddy that plays white noise


Ewan the Sheep.

The results?

A baby now even more stimulated by the red light that comes from Ewan when he plays his white noise….

^^^ true story!

So, how did you get your baby back to sleep, you ask?

Turn Ewan the sheep… OFF

And put the extractor fan… ON (which is white noise)

Moral of the story?

The simple things done very well…WORK

But they’re not as ‘sexy’ of ‘flashy’ as Ewan the sheep.

You see, I get it.

It’s overwhelming with all this diet and exercise fads out there telling you to give up your favourite foods

Spend hours working out

And drink organic green tea

Just to tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes

Which is exactly why I meet you where you’re at

Get you doing a FEW very simple things very, very well

So you can build your confidence, gain momentum, and tone up once and for all

^^^ without the need for flashy sheeps, organic green tea, or kale…

And it might not feel ‘extreme’ enough for you compared to what your friends are doing or what they tell you in the magazines

^^^ Because I don’t make you give up your carbs, prosecco or your social life 😉

but here’s the difference

If you do the work and reach out to me for help so I can help you

I can GUARANTEE that you’ll be toning up and ditching the baggy clothes for good

Just like the Billy, Cassie, Julie and co have shown you here

And I even give you a FREE test run to see if this is for you

Because I get it

You’ve tried a lot in the past

and they just havent worked for you

^^^ It doesn’t help when your hubby is joking about which next diet you’re going on…

Which is exactly why I show you how to ditch the fad diets for good and build a nutritional strategy to last

I’ve got a FREE 7-day trial starting tomorrow

But I’ve only got 1 space left for this

If you’ve been wanting to make a change

And think this might be for you

Then go here:


Helping Busy Ladies Fit Back Into Their Favourite Clothes and Ditch The Fad Diets For Good!

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