Every step was painful

Every step was painful at the end..

the thumping in my toes with every step

with the odd one

stubbing on a rock…

my only choice being

just to laugh and smile

which seemed to work …

What am I talking about?

Well, last Friday I decided to challenge myself physically and mentally

by completing the Fan Dance

Which is the infamous Special Forces (SAS) 24km Selection march at Pen Y Fan.

24km up a mountain with 35lb of sandbags plus your water, food and any other kit…

this is about the only picture I got as

to be honest,

I was more focussed on putting one foot in front of the other..

and one of the first things people say when I tell them why

I am limping around..

wasn’t just that ‘you need bigger shorts as it looks like you can’t walk properly”

^^ true story

but actually,

“did you just do that for fun?”

And the answer is

kind of, yes

I am a big believer in pushing myself.

and having a goal that is a bit scary…

That makes me feel some discomfort..

Not just because I know this is how most of the ladies feel when starting our 28 Day Kickstart programme

but actually because it allows me to go to places that I just can’t get to without

where I learn the most…

as painful as it can be

it all turns to pleasure once I am done.

and I know it sounds so unicorns and rainbows…

It is the struggles and obstacles that teach you the most .

coming out of your comfort zone

is where you find the confidence


and energy..

to keep going in hard times.

^^ which is the secret by the way

And I learnt something else here..

You see, I’ll admit.

I probably didn’t quite see all of the benefits in what we do at Fruci Fit.


Well, I am not a client, I am just a coach.

So, when it came to me entering this..

I had no experience climbing mountains, let alone doing this SAS challenge..

Luckily, our coach Julie was on hand with her experience of climbing mountains..

And the key things for me here:

–> I was kept accountable

–> I had a plan

–>I had a purpose and a why (and my fear of failing also drove me)

3 things which I think most people are missing

which is exactly what we do in our 28 Day Kickstart.


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