What they never tell you about eggs…

Did you hear the news the other week that runny eggs are no safe again?

And that eggs may NOT be bad for our cholesterol?

That's right, they're confusing us again...

The best part?

I was dipping sausages into my runny eggs just the other night after I needed something quick, simple and tasty (you know, for one of those busy days which didn't quite go to plan?).

Luckily for you?

I spoke about everything cholesterol and eggs here: https://frucifit.com/many-eggs-can-eat-per-day/

And if you want a Mrs Fruci approved Fry up featuring RUNNY egg yolks?

Try this... (per serving)...

* 2 grilled Chicken Heck sausages

* 2 grilled tomatoes 

* 2 rashes of bacon (fat trimmed) fried in 1kcal spray

* 2 RUNNY fried eggs

* 2 handfuls of mushrooms grilled

* And the Mediterranean diet twist?...

* Tomato sauce with Basil (you could still use baked beans instead) and some lightly fried in 1kcal fry spray courgettes (exotic, I know...)

Nutritional info for the Mediterranean -infused fry up:

Calories: 427

Fat: 15g

Carbs: 24g



Matt 'yolks on them' Fruci
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