Eating little and often to lose weight, spiking your metabolism, and burning bums

‘They never had this in my day’

Yep, I said it.

At the grand old age of 26…

Because the fact is, they didn’t have this in my day

That is, have a ‘Competitive Eating Society’ at university.

^^^ Although I did do a ‘spice challenge’ at a curry house called Indian Ocean in Loughborough where I was awarded with a pint of beer and a burning bum (Which the wife didn’t approve of…)

I even thought the ‘Ultimate Frisbee Society’ was crazy in ‘my day’.

But Kent University have gone one (or three) better:

* The chicken nugget centurion

* The triple threat hot dog

* And the Big Boy challenge (don’t ask…)

So if you know anyone who’s just off for their Freshers at Kent Uni, then let them know (or don’t)

But all these challenges reminded me of a question I got this week from a Fit For Life Body Transformation member following a seminar I did a few weeks back:

‘So should I eat little and often to help me lose weight?’

And the short answer is…

It depends.

If you eat little and often and it keeps you full and satisfied, stops you snacking on anything and everything at the ‘tuck shop’ (remember them), and allows you to make better-informed decisions about your food choices (more nutrient dense, filling foods)…

Then you’re probably going to be on track to hit a food intake over the course of the day that allows you to lose weight, burn body fat, and change your body shape so you can feel more confident in your clothes.

And there’s more…

You MAY have ‘trained’ yourself to eat small meals (by eating little and often)

And this can be pretty damn important in today’s world.

Particularly with the all-you-can-eat buffets

And – of course – the competitive eating societies!


What about if you’re like me and can eat and eat and eat regardless of how many times you’ve eaten in the day?

What if in the evening when you sit down with the family, you love to indulge and EAT BIG?

^^^ Did you know we eat 20% more when we eat with friends and family?

Could having larger, less frequent meals better suit you, your lifestyle and your weight loss?

We know that periods of fasting CAN:

* Increase weight loss

* Help you to avoid swings in blood sugar levels that make you feel tired, irritable and craving a sugar fix

And by fasting, I just mean delaying your ‘breakfast’


The time you ‘break the fast’.

So, this could be 9am instead of 7 am (that’s a fast as you haven’t eaten since dinner the night before…unless yo raid the fridge in your sleep, obviously.)

Or perhaps you eat your first meal at 12pm!

The key reason why I think this is so powerful?

Because in today’s society where:

* You can hear “I’m Lovin’ It” on your radio, tv, and Facebook feed (I even heard it in the gym yesterday through my headphones…they’re stalking me!)


* You can smell the ‘fresh’ (from the freezer) pasties coming from Gregg’s on the high street

Do you actually know what ‘hunger’ is?

When was the last time you heard your stomach rumble?

And going longer periods of the day without eating



MAY actually help you understand when you’re actually hungry and when you’re just eating because you’re bored or the clock says so…

^^^ Or you’re trying to spike  your metabolism (remember that old myth?)

And it’s exactly why a nutritional strategy needs to address your lifestyle, eating habits, and your relationship with food to help you lose weight and keep it off.

^^^ Because if you skip the ‘boring’ lifestyle stuff, you’ll probably end up failing to control your hunger and giving up on another diet.

Speak soon,

Matt ‘competitive eating society rep’ Fruci

PS. Speaking of eating, I’ve a got a coffee inspired, sweet and creamy recipe for your tomorrow.

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