Was that you eating French Fries?

So, my daughter's at nursery a few mornings a week now. And the other day they had a French teacher there. Teaching them French (obviously).  Which I thought was really cool. 

But I couldn't help but laugh at the fact my daughter doesn't even speak a word of English yet (unless you count 'geee gooo gahhh, bahhhh')

And it reminded me about what a member of my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme told me the other week about being 'bombarded' by a friend on Facebook about how she shouldn't eat carbs after midday...Don't you just hate it when people push their ideas on you, regardless of whether it fits your lifestyle or not?

You see, the way I developed my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme is by helping you to prioritise the things that matter most when it comes to shrinking your waistline, levelling up your energy and fitting back into your favourite clothes so you don't become more overwhelmed and confused that you already are:

1) Does it fit your lifestyle? Can you see yourself doing anything remotely like this in 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, a year from now?

2) Your overall food intake and water

3) Your protein intake

4) Training

5) Meal TIMING

And here's the thing. Most people (including the friend on Facebook) have their good intentions stolen by focussing on the things that have the LEAST impact on their toning up mission.

You know, the old:

'I must eat breakfast or I'll go into starvation mode..."

"I can eat carbs after midday as they'll be stored as fat"

"If you eat fat it turns into fat"

And while it COULD make some difference, it frustrates me that they could get the results they want if they stopped overcomplicating things. 

Of course, not taking any action is probably the worst thing you can do
And that's the premise of my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme

It's 10 years of studying at university, testing and MAKING mistakes, and working with tons of ladies to help them tone up and lose weight, so you don't have to find things out that hard way, try to learn French before you can speak English, and can get your body back for good!

It's a proven formula backed by evidence and science...

Just check out some of my member stories here: https://frucifit.com/october-trial/

Matt 'bonne journée' Fruci
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