#1 secret ingredient to tone up?

Despite most ladies coming to me to get their energy back, lose weight and tone up in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme, sometimes we end up finding that altering their lifestyle habits, routines and behaviours impacts their sleep…

And – finally – gets to the bottom of this:


Stress >> escalated by tiredness >> binge and eat your emotions >> feel like a failure >> start again Monday.

^^^ Which isn’t your fault by the way.

It’s sometimes the simple case of not prioritising the things that are important to you <<< as this leads to you spending more time on the things that won’t give you the rewards you want…

You see, every evening, my daughter HAS to have some food, a nice relaxing bath and a massage for drifting off to sleep. 

Its ‘ROUTINE’ <<< Read that again!

 Because your body loves routine.

Yet, for me and you, sometimes we’re up late watching Game Of Thrones  (Mrs Fruci controls the TV…) and other times I’m just working late because I messed around earlier in the day procrastinating and doing the jobs that COULD have waited until tomorrow…

And here’s the thing:

I always say​​ to the ladies during our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation coaching sessions that progress over times is all that matters. 1 >0 and if you’re better than yesterday, no matter how small the difference, you are on the right track to getting the transformation results you want. 

But this doesn’t just apply to your strength, step count, and fitness levels.

What if getting your ‘personal best’ in your sleep was SECRET ingredient you need to ditch the stress >>> escalated by tiredness >> comfort eating cycle?

Well, here’s ​​5 ways to help you get into a routine:
1.Be Regular: 

Go to bed and get up at the same time (your body loves consistency). 
Crying baby? Just try to recover your sleep debt OR try your very best to go sleep at the same time as your baby (as I try and do…apart from right now, of course ;-))

2.Stop working at the SAME time each day: 
Have a power-down hour before bed (read, talk to your family…take your foot off of the accelerator)

3.Turn off the iPhone, iPad and TV 
(if that’s how you ‘relax’ that’s fine but avoid too much light in the 30 minutes before bed. Try putting your TV on a timer so it switches off…as you do ;-))

If this gives you energy, try to avoid it later in the day…if it mellows you out…do it later in the day!

5. Journal every evening: 
Note down 3 things you did well that day (finish on a WIN! Everything else can wait)

That’s it for today.

Do you have a sleep routine?

Matt ‘sleeping beauty’ Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently And Get Their Bodies Back For Good​​

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