Eat healthy without missing out?

So the other week, if you didn’t know (maybe you live under a rock), it was indeed my birthday. 

^^^ presents are still being accepted until 25th December 😉 

Anyway, we get back from school pick up 

And the kids have a plan for my birthday cake. 

They finish decorating the top of the cake 

And “surprise” me (as much as 4 and 6 year olds can keep secrets) by singing “happy birthday”.  

Amazing, gluten free cake as well (perfect for me)

Now, there was no way I wasn’t going to have any. Even though you could say it didn’t align with my goals.

So I had the smallest slice of cake. 

Which was delicious. 

And you know what?

Gave me pretty much all of the satisfaction I could possibly get from food.

And it got me thinking (which is always a scare thought)…

I’ve a few questions over the last few weeks 

About people wanting to drop a dress size 

Make healthier choices

Healthier swaps 

But I’m struggling with all of the social events 

Bank Holidays 

Plus your birthday, Matt (just joking, no one said that 😭)

Then it’s half term

Then it’s Summer 🌞 

And sure these are potentially obstacles 

But they’re also PERFECT 

Opportunities to make a change to your habits

(No matter how small)

So here’s 1 simple question to ask yourself when faced with these opportunities:

“How much do I need to be happily satisfied?”

^^ read that again 

As like me, you might find you actually get 80% / 90% / even 100% of what you need to be happily satisfied 

From having less than you think.

In fact, how do you feel if you have more?

Sure, it tastes great. I get a little kick from that 

But after that?

Does it offer any more satisfaction?


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