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Don’t watch this on Netflix..

Don’t watch this on Netflix..

As it’s Bank Holiday weekend.

You might have a bit more time than normal to 

Watch a bit of Netflix (others are available) ..

And I was chatting to a few of the ladies last week

Who said their friends 

Made them watch Seaspiracy 

And said to also watch Cowspiracy & Game Changers…

And asked for my thoughts on them..

Now, here’s my main issue..

All of the documentaries are there to be ENTERTAINING..

To grip you 

To make you want to watch more.

The problem with this?

It would be boring if they gave you a balanced argument…

It’s much more entertaining to shock you

And present only what they want you to see…

To surprise you.

I mean, if they get a researcher say 

‘Yes but you have to consider that the research that says fishing isn’t sustainable and oceans will be empty by 2048 is now outdated and is not true”

It gets a bit less entertaining.

Now, it DOES bring up issues that need to be addressed..

But just like what happens in the health and fitness industry with diets…

They all become very ‘my way or the high way’…

‘This is the best’

Almost becomes a food fight…

It’s actually the same with most documentaries..

Whether they tell you to eat meat only

Or be vegan ..

They are there for infotainment …

Maybe some of what they say has SOME truth..

But when you really go into the research we know a lot less than we think…

And a research paper can easily be manipulated..

I could get a ‘plant based’ diet study to show you people reduced their risk of heart disease

So you should go vegan..

But you look at the study 

And they defined plant based as a mediterranean diet

Which actually included fish, meat, beans and legumes, lots of veg and fruit..

I could do on..

One researcher actually came out after the Game Changers documentary

Jokingly complaining about how his whole life of research into beetroot has been completely taken out of context…

It’s no wonder we are more confused than ever.

Truth is

There is no secret..

There is no one ‘hack’..

What we do know

Is that being consistent with small, sometimes seemingly insignificant habits,

Add up to big results.

Just like Cathy and co have found here: 

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