How they don’t pile the weight back on

I can't remember the last time I was in charge of the remote control in the Fruci household.

It's basically either Mrs Fruci's reality TV (chewing gum TV as the father-in-law calls it) or CBeebies.

But it's probably for good reason. As I'll be watching something like The Biggest Loser. 

Remember that?

Where people would lose like 120lbs in one show...

Which is great. I mean, surely I can't discourage anything promoting exercise and weight loss?

My answer: Yes and No.

I mean, yes SOME people have kept some of the weight off. 

And the study they did following up these people showed that they progressed with their exercise habits...

Maybe learned to make it a habit?


What about the others?

Well, one of the contestants reported regaining 32lbs in 5 days just from drinking water again..

And that's the dirty side they don't show you:

* How one week is actually 2 weeks of filming

* The diuretics they take to help them lose weight

* The dehydration 

* the 8 hours of exercise

* The starvation

It's not real life.

My issue?

Well, it makes real life weight loss even harder.

Because if you only lose 1lb in a week now?

Well, that's rubbish compared to what they do on TV.

Yet, what you forget is that you are losing unwarned BODY FAT <<< Which means you'll tone up and fit your clothes better.

Providing you are controlling your overall food intake, doing muscle toning exercises, eating enough protein and training your most important muscle in your body...

Your thoughts and beliefs about 'good', 'bad', 'red', and 'green' you can learn how to enjoy the foods and meals you love and still lose FAT..

Something I show you in my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System 

Want to try it for FREE?


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