Why I don’t ‘just do exercise classes’

Got this message the other day and it's a great question:

“Do you just offer classes?”

And I thought I'd share my response as I'm very passionate about changing the way this health and fitness industry works (as currently we're failing).

So here's what I said:

“Thanks for your message. I don’t just offer the classes because - in the traditional sense- they don’t get results.

What I offer is:

* Access to morning or evening Tone Up workouts (7am or 715pm)
* Monthly Yoga sessions delivered by an experienced teacher (not me as - well - I'm not an expert in yoga but really value the benefits)

* Your personal HomeFit workouts members area where you get quick and simple video workouts to help you tone up and improve your fitness that you can do anywhere, anytime 

* Daily tips and tricks on improving gut health, staying fuller for longer, strategies to eat out and slim down, build your confidence and optimise hormonal health

* Live question and answer sessions in our private support live group of like minded ladies 

* 24/7 access to me for questions and accountability 

Which means I can 100% guarantee you the results you want

^^^ something that I am really passionate about. 

After all, I’m on a mission this year to completely tear the rule book up on New Years Resolutions.

You see, 93% of us fail at losing weight and keeping it off.

And I’m on a mission to help as many ladies as possible take control of their relationship with food and ditch the diet (and baggy clothes) For Good!

Which is why I’m giving away 5 more trials on my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System starting on Monday for FREE.

To claim yours, click the link below:


Fruci Fit
SHIFT: Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back

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