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Don’t do it this way…

Don’t do it this way…

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked about

Which diet we do at Fruci Fit…

Almost like I am going to say:

“My way or the highway”

“Don’t do it this way”

“That doesn’t work”

The diet and health & fitness industry is littered with this extremist way of thinking.

One thing I have learnt working with thousands of people over the years

Is that there is no ONE right way…

Low carb

High carb

Low fat


High dairy

Lots of meat and fish




Even online vs in-person workouts

Just yesterday I had two chats with people.

One person said:

“You know what, Matt, I love the in- person sessions, I don’t know how people can do it from home”

Then another person

Saying how amazing online is and how it is so convenient. 

The truth is,

We have to personalise this for YOU..

Because when we do this?

You do it.

And when you do the things you said you would do

You will get results..

Here’s just some of the messages from yesterday (see images in post)