Doing an ‘Andy Murray’

So, what a weekend for British Tennis and sport in general, ay?

And I'll be honest, Andy Murray is REALLY starting to grow on me.

I mean, what an achievement to win Wimbledon...again!

^^^ Despite his 'haters' (including me at one time)

In fact, I used to say 'he's boring' and just support Nadal or whoever he was playing...

But just like Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal said and proved this weekend:

'I would prefer to play ugly and still be in the competition than play fancy and like many others who have been sent home'

^^^ And that's a reality check for us all.

It's the results that count!

Something that Andy Murray himself reflected on a few years back.

Changing his coach.

His mentality.

And now bouncing back from losing finalist to winner!

Which brings me to the date today:

Wednesday 13th July.

And the fact that over 50% of the year has now....


POOOOOOOOOOFFF (as one of my coaches puts it)

How's it going for you?

I've personally had some ups and downs.

Drifted from my own goals at times.

Back into bad habits of actually thinking I shouldn't eat that much...

Even though it's part of my nutrition and training strategy

^^^ Which are some of the exact concerns I get from members of my body transformation programme

Which is why I was in desperate need of this REALITY CHECK...

That I have slightly tweaked:

1) Take how much weight / fat you've lost over the last 6 months


3) That's pretty much weight you've chosen to lose this year IF you carry on progressing and adapting your diet and exercise

^^^ As your metabolism WILL slow down and you stop you getting leaner if you just carry on thinking one diet will work forever!

4) Are you happy with this amount?

You see, I wasn't happy with my results.

I'm looking to gain lean muscle.

I've got higher expectations and bigger goals

And right now, I've got zero chance of doing an 'Andy Murray' if I keep doing what I'm doing

UNLESS, of course...

I consider the following and ACT:

1) People tend to keep doing what they were doing for the rest of the year

^^^ despite the fact we still have 50% of the year left to CHANGE!!

2) We think that what we SAY we are going to DO is more powerful than what we are DOING right now <<< it makes us feel better but we rarely get to the DO part of this.

3) The reality is that if you double the number from the first half of the year...that's your approximation of what you'll achieve over the whole year!

And that did it for me (as it has done before)

Because no matter what I say.

How much I convince myself that I'm on track.

The NUMBER in front of you

Is the reality!

Don't like it?

Well, we can keep accepting average.

^^^ As we do for too long, anyway


Accept that SOMETHING has to CHANGE

And in the case of getting:

* That desired leaner, more toned body

* The confidence to wear and fit into your favourite clothes

* The ability to know exactly what and how much to eat to lose weight, sleep better, and still enjoy your favourite foods

It has to involve looking after number 1.

^^^ something you probably don't do enough of

Not got enough time?

Well that's exactly why your nutrition and exercise programme have to fit your lifestyle and in the words of Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Billy:

"It's a steady way to change my body without too much hardship that I could resent and try to rebel against."

^^^ Which is what your 'diet' lives or dies on...

Matt 'doing an Andy Murray' Fruci

PS. Here's some more reflection and motivation from another Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Graz:

"Despite losing weight and working hard sometimes I still get down as I have long way to go - but then I think well I'm better now than I was two months ago and I need to keep going"

Ready to change?

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