Are you a reactive dieter?

* Rosemary Conley

* Slimming World

* Weight Watchers

* The 5:2 diet

^^^ Just some of the diets a new member on my body transformation programme has tried in the past

We found she got the best results from the diet she could stick to for the longest time

^^^ Read that again

The problem?

The diets didn't fit her lifestyle all year-round.

You see, she does some teaching and freelance work.

And the 5:2 diet works great in school time.

^^^ Eat normal for 5 days, then very little for 2 (she usually did these during the week)


She struggles with willpower and gives in to all the temptations when she's not as busy in the school holidays.

^^^ At home, looking after the kids and going to parties with food everywhere being the main concern.

What would she do?


Give up..

And jump on the next diet.

Be it Weight Watchers, Slimming World, or the latest sugar detox...


She realised how it wasn't that she was failing...

But rather...

She was simply following cookie cutter programmes that didn't adapt to suit her on-the-go, everyday is different, lifestyle.

She would just diet hop.

REACT to her current situation by throwing all the toys out of the pram (her words. And pun intended)


Start a new diet

Instead of making SLIGHT adjustments and ASSESSING.

^^^ Being a PROactive dieter

Assessing to see if the smallest - barely noticeable - change to your day

^^^ the doesn't even feel hard

Can bring about the weight loss, toning of the bingo wings, and flat stomach that you want.

Because why do MORE...

When we've already established that the diet that gets you the best results...

Is the one you can stick to...

Even in the most challenging of times.

Where you think to yourself:

'Can life thrown anything else at me?'

And it's why a body transformation programme that adapts to your:

* Shrinking, more toned waistline

* Busy, ever-changing and challenging lifestyle

Trumps a cookie-cutter diet built for every Kelly, Sam, Jane, and Jo...

Speak soon,


PS. I aim to get your fired up tomorrow...

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