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Does salt cause high blood pressure ?

So inside our 4-Week Kickstart programme

We start off with our kickstart coaching session to make sure everything is fit for your lifestyle 

And something that comes up a lot is blood pressure.

Many of the ladies will say “I always eat healthy and avoid salt to help my

Blood pressure  but still can’t lose weight “

Now, before I go into the controversy about salt intake…

I firstly want to say that this is more of an issue with the way the research that guides us on salt was done…

And want to also say that I’m referring to healthy individuals when I talk about this…

And I also want to share a message from one of the ladies inside our programme:

“I had all 4 grandchildren overnight so cancelled this morning but..

Have refocussed and done three lots of exercise so far today and yesterday (5 minute workouts), 

And lost another pound so that is a total of 30lbs in less than 4 months. 

Already weeks ahead of my Christmas target which is only 2 lbs away.

Thank you so much for all the opportune reminders and subtle challenges

 they do work for me.

Latest blood pressure reading down considerable 


Before the exercise it was 140/90”

Awesome result!!

But what I want to touch on is the fact most people just focus on stuff like reducing salt.

And sure, higher salt intake is linked with higher blood pressure

But the significance of this to real life?


As the increase in blood pressure from salt seems to be from hydration 


Increased water retention, greater blood volume, and higher blood pressure.

As a result of this?

There’s a limit to how much salt intake can increase blood pressure…

Now, you may ask about the link between salt and stroke / heart disease?

Well, when you look at this..

Salt normally follows a diet high in processed foods…

So if you’re eating lots of processed foods?

You’re chances of disease etc may be higher…

Can they be sure this is from salt?


Is it the salt on your fries  or is the Big Mac, fries, Coca Cola, ice cream and excess calories?

And if  you’re exercising?

There will also be increase in your sweat and urine sodium / salt content so you’ll excrete more our…

So my point?

To say “reduce salt” to a healthy individual 

May be good if it means they eat less processed foods…

But here’s the thing…

This probably isn’t linked to the salt 

But the fact processed, salty foods tend to be more calorific, easier to overeat and – well – bloody delicious…

It’s why I salt our vegetables at home. 

It makes them delicious, the potassium in foods like tomatoes help to balance this,  and it’s crazy how a bit of salt can make my 2-year old daughter eat kale crisps and wilted spinach …

And my point is that we often avoid salt 

Then complain the food tastes 💩 

And then end up eating crisps, takeaways,  sandwiches etc  anyway which 

Are all loaded with salt anyway… 

And the message here isn’t to salt your food

My message is that it’s never as simple as ONE thing..

Being the cause.

And it’s why we focus on 3 things inside our 4 Week Kickstart Programme :

Food – giving yourself permission to eat the foods you love whilst helping you fit this into your lifestyle (even if you have 4 grandkids like above 👶👶👶👶)

Fitness – well, if it were a drug we would all take it. And don’t think it has to be like some military bootcamp, this is about getting 1% fitter and stronger each day..

Focus – this is about self care and taking time for you. Why? Because when you do something for you, it’s not just you that feels better, you might find that others benefit from you feeling better too…

All to help you find a balance 

And get out of the “stop-start” mentality and stick to it for long enough to see the results you want to see

Just like Rachel..

Who’s now “back in a size 12 skirt (probably the first time 15 years)”


If want to learn more about our November 4-Week Kickstart Programme

Specifically for ladies over 40 in Marlborough, Devizes or Burbage 

Just message me  with “Devizes”, “Marlborough” or “Devizes”

And I’ll send over the relevant details.

(Start date w/c Saturday 2nd November, so we focus on kickstarting your habits just in time for Christmas 🎄 )

Matt “So(dium) funny” Fruci