Does routine make it harder?

So back to school 

Summer is ending.

For many, some normality and routine returns.

Perhaps fewer obstacles 


Days out


It is a great time to reset your goals.

In fact, that was me last weekend before the kids went back to school. 

Sorting out my routine. 

Then we went to the park with the kids..

Make the most of the weather.



Then get back to jobs…

But then they was an obstacle .

A fall from the monkey bars 

And the debate as to whether the youngest has fractured her arms 🤔 

Got it checked and turned out it was a fracture 

Why am I sharing this? 

Well setting plans is great.

But even the times that feel “perfect” will still 

Present obstacles.

As whenever trying to achieve anything…

Obstacles are on the way not in the way.

And the better prepared we are 

And the more we accept that obstacles and challenges will occur?

The more likely we are to succeed. 

As it’s never going to be straight forward or the perfect time.

It’s why at Fruci Fit

We are big advocates of doing what you can.

Controlling what you can control. 

That means being ok with “not doing it all”

Doing something rather than nothing 

Stopping at 3 biscuits and ether than 6 as the next 3 probably won’t be as enjoyable 

Doing a 10 minute workout rather than the planned 30 minutes I know I can’t do because of XYZ.

And I continue to be surprised 

Even without with 1000s of people we’ve worked with 

By the staggering results people 

Get from small, seemingly insignificant actions

At a time when they might have thought 

“What’s the point?”

“It’ll be easier when [insert so called perfect time” 

“I’ll quit”

Speaking of this 

I did a video on this here 


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