Dieting lessons from weeing in a potty

“JENNNN, JENNNNNN. Ottilie just did a WEE IN THE POTTY!!!!!!”😁😁😁😁😁😁

This was me this weekend… excited to tell Mrs Fruci that our daughter did a wee in a potty.

And the reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to consider this:

When was the last time you got excited about something you did?

Excited to the level that you gave yourself a pat on the back?

Talked to yourself like you’d talk to your best friend?

You see, you are your own WORST critique. It’s only human nature.

But the problem with this is that measuring backwards AKA looking how far you have come, is where your CONFIDENCE lives.

Confidence which gives you the courage to continue. Remind you that ‘you’re doing OK’…

despite what you keep telling yourself.

Sure, you might be pi55ed off that you havent lost the 4 stone you wanted to in January…

Annoyed at yourself fo exceeding your ‘syns’?

Being called out for going over your points on your birthday?

But the problem with this is that they put you in a F it mindset…

Make you forget that – despite that fact you DO need to be committed and to make compromises – MISTAKES are where you actually learn…

And do something about it.

Adjust it so it fits your lifestyle.

Like having a bit more of a flexible approach.

The fact is you STILL have 4 MONTHS of the year to go…

^^^ Read that again…so there’s no need to get your Christmas decorations out just yet. OK, OK. Maybe just the tinsel.

Anyway, today I just want to you to try THIS:

*Write down 3 things from this weekend that you either DID WELL or DID PRETTY RUBBISH”

Maybe you spent some time with your family (which is probably why you want to do all this health and fitness stuff, right?)

As the saying goes:

“s/he who had their health has 1000 dreams, s/he who doesn’t has one”

Maybe you cooked up a Roast Chicken yesterday so you had some leftovers for today?

(which means you have ONE less decision to make about food…)

Maybe you’re still trying…

Which is more than most people would simple because of this ALL or NOTHING mindset.

I mean, I can’t say that our Fat Loss Programme or any other programme out there are going to be THE PROGRAMME for you or the one where you never have bad days…

But something I like the ladies I work with to understand is that a ‘bad’ meal / a ‘bad’ day does not mean F IT…start again next year…

Now, what we do is not sexy (although the results are) and it does require an hour or so a week investing some time to use our nutrition system so you know what and when to eat..

^^^ Which you’d have to do anyway, only in the aisles of the supermarket scratching your head wondering whether it’s still OK to eat avocados…oh wait they’re syns, right?

​​I’m not saying you’ll never fall off the bandwagon, have bad days or anything like that.

But what I am saying is that when it does happen (as it will), you’ll know what you have to do to get back on with the plan, support and accountability ​​you get in our Online Fat Loss Coaching Programme

Matt ‘Personal Potty Trainer’ Fruci

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