Is diet or exercise more important to lose inches?

Will exercise or diet produce most inch loss?

And it’s interesting because Annette said “inch loss” and not “weight loss”.

You see, if you just wanted to lose “weight”?

Eating nothing but salad, being miserable and NOT exercising would be the quickest way.


Because by not exercising and telling your muscles that you need them?

You lose tone and lose muscle, which means you lose weight on the scales.

Now, that may make you smile today. 

But is this why you yo-yo diet and why most of us (about 93%) struggle to keep the weight off?

You see, you lose weight (some fat, loads of water and some muscle). You are now lighter. 

But now you’ve lost some muscle? Your metabolism will be a bit lower.

You give up the strict, boring diet and the weight comes back on. Only this time the weight is more FAT (rather than muscle).

So, you’re now back where you started but with less muscle tone and more fat.

They then tell us to do the same thing that “worked” last time (this could be Weight Watchers / Slimming World) and it doesn’t quite work as well each time you do it. It gets harder.

The reality is that to lose inches, you need to lose fat and tone up!

And although most of this fat loss / inch loss still comes from diet...

Doing quick muscle strengthening workouts will help you shape your body and fit into the clothes you want to wear (which few can argue will make you feel better about yourself).

It’s why I show you quick and simple tone up workouts which require zero equipment in my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System 

And give you a step by step healthy eating plan to help you find what works for you (so you can stick to it and make it a lifestyle change rather than something you do for a week or so).

Want to give see how my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System could help you?

Click the link below for a free week:

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