Did you miss it?

A few people have mentioned that they missed the missed the 5 Day Menopause Mastery programme 

But now feel ready to do it.

If you’d like access to this? 

Reply with “yes” and I’ll send over the link to the programme:

How Women Struggling With The Symptoms Of Peri / Post Menopause Can Start To Increase Their Energy, Regain Control of Their Food & Kickstart Their Fitness

☑️ DAY 1: Mindset Shift & Motivation To Do Things You Know You Need To Do: Focus more on where you are today. What does your life look like right now? I’ll teach you a great strategy to find that out and audit yourself so you know which strategies will work best for you & use this to help you increase your confidence, whilst embracing changes during and post menopause

☑️ ​DAY 2-4: Exercise & Nutrition Made Easy For Menopause: No matter your fitness level or prior exercise experience, we’ll guide you through gentle yet effective exercises specifically chose to help with symptoms associated with menopause, such as muscle loss and bone density (all without equipment and can be done in 10 minutes). Say goodbye to muscle loss, increase bone density, and improve your overall strength, tone and mobility

☑️ ​DAY 5: Menopause Mastery Plan: How To Stop Stopping: How to stay motivated & get through the honeymoon period of diet & exercise (get this right and you never need to start again…). We’ll help you create a personalised plan to continue your journey beyond the 5 days. You’ll leave equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to thrive during and after menopause.

☑️ ​Muscle toning & bone density enhancing workouts: can be done from home with ZERO equipment, focussed on improving muscle tone and bone density, which can be adapted around mobility issues

☑️ BONUS 1: The ‘Low Fermentation Diet’ worksheet to help with bloating. A simple, research driven guide to help with IBS.

☑️ ​BONUS 2: The ‘Cholesterol Lowering Diet Sheet’ with a sample meal plan showing you the types of foods and meals associated with lowering cholesterol 

☑️ ​BONUS 3: The ‘How to overcome self sabotage worksheet’ and seminar 

☑️ ​BONUS 4: A 28 Day Done For You Meal Plan eBook: Including meal plans with fresh ingredients, ready meals, frozen items and for ‘on the go’

Message me with “yes” and I’ll send over the details 


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