Could this help menopausal symptoms?

It’s the forgotten / less talked about supplement which COULD help symptoms of menopause such as:

👉 Muscle loss 

👉 Bone density 

👉 Inflammation

👉 Physical performance 

👉 And even cognitive function 

But what I’m sharing with you today isn’t just increasing your protein intake 

^^ which is important by the way

Or doing more resistance exercise 

^^^ which you should also do 

It’s a supplement called:


A well researched, safe and effective supplement, found naturally in meats, fish, eggs and dairy

Originally researched to increase physical performance in athletes, especially sprinters initially, but with these benefits conclusive…

There’s also research now being done on cognitive function, muscle, bone health and even autism’s Alzheimer’s and ADHD.

Now I’m not saying this will solve everything..

As you probably know, at Fruci Fit we focus on the small habits…

So small that they seem pretty pointless 

But the thing is?

It’s what you do on average over time that counts…

And I get that starting everything at once is difficult…

So start with one thing..

Be it resistance exercise

Be it increasing your protein 

Be it adding in creatine…

It all adds up..

And just might help bring down that risk or osteoporotic fractures and muscle loss.

And at the very very least?

You’ll be stronger 😀 which for happiness?

Is probably the key thing..

As it allows you to say YES to more things 

Which in turn brings confidence 

(Something we see a lot at Fruci Fit when people start DOING)


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