Confessions of a nutritionist and trainer

So last night…

I ‘failed’…

‘Failed’ to do what I said I would do…

Which was to do my exercise session.


I literally couldn’t be bothered.

I was tired and not really feeling it.

And the reason I’m telling you this

(Instead of the ‘usual’ highlight reel you get from health magazines and celebs)

Is because THIS IS OK!


I don’t walk around in lycra (eating lettuce and chicken) telling you to do 10 more burpees… (I pretty much saw this in a gym this week…)

So I get it.

We struggle from time to time.

But that’s life.

We’re only human.

So instead of beating yourself up about it

Know that this is OK

And a (BIG) part of the JOURNEY.

Which leads me to this:

There’s no HAPPY ending to an UNHAPPY journey.

^^^ read that again

Eating cabbage soup, exercising like a mad woman every day, and giving up chocolate for 6 weeks isn’t going to end well…

^^ unless ‘well’ means eating ALL the chocolate and crisps we can get our hands on…

And it’s why...

I’m not putting myself down about ‘missing some exercise’


‘going off the diet’

^^^ As I once would...

Because a nutrition and exercise programme should be fit for you...

So that you can adapt it, lose the stomach fat and get that summer toned look WITHOUT constantly thinking that you’re a failure (just for having a life...)

Speak soon,


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