Christmas Leftovers?

If you’re anything like me, your house is full of leftovers, chocolates and nice things (like cheese…)

So today, I thought I’d share the first 5 episodes of my 1 minute Christmas Survival tips to help you make the tiniest mindset shift to control the urges…

Episode 1: The thing about variety

Episode 2: The 6 Feet Away Rule

Episode 3: Slow This Down

Episode 4: Chocolates laying around everywhere?

Episode 5: Just because something goes wrong, doesn’t mean everything has to go wrong…

Food for thought.

Anyway, if you wanted to learn more about our Fit For Life Body Transformation, specifically for ladies 40+ looking to take back control of their eating and exercise habits, transform their mindset around food, and get the support and accountability to ‘stop stopping’, click the button below to learn more


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