Caught in public eating fish

I actually felt sorry for her when I read this.

Basically, a raw vegan blogger was recorded eating fish in a restaurant.

But as much as I felt sorry for her as she’s received quite a lot of criticism of late…

she has 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

And with that comes a level of responsibility, particularly with the way kids use social media…

She’s s there selling raw vegan detox diets

Taking about how amazing she now feels…

And only admitted to eating animal products when she was caught eating fish…

Claiming that she had digestive issues and small bacterial overgrowth…

And that eating eggs and fish has made her feel better.

(Perhaps due to a lower fibre diet which we know MAY help with issues like IBS, Bloating etc or even anti-nutrients).

And I’m not against any diet..

^^^ as long as they tell you the principles behind why it works (so you can eventually do it alone and get sustainable results that fit your’s why I actually have a Vegan book)

But there’s just so much rubbish out there right now..

coffee that makes you poop, detox tea.

You’ve probably seen It.

But It’s actually quite serious.

Not just because of the money people waste…

see, when ladies come to me looking to get fit, lose some weight, and actually feel OK having their photo taken at a social event…

They’ve often lost faith in everything, to the point where they’ve pretty much given up.

* gym memberships

* equipment that got used for a

week and then gathered dust / became a doorstop

* diets


* supplements

*personal trainers

* diet club membership

I’m almost like the last ditch…

Thing is, most of the time

These diets / fads / cults

Hide the critical principle of calories from you (not that you have to count them by the way)

Give you so-called bad foods to avoid (making you feel guilty for having them)

Put foods on a pedestal

And make it difficult to apply it to real life

(Which stops you from actually doing it..)

You know, like meals out, social events.

Basically, the things that you enjoy to the extent that you don’t want to give up.

There’s diets that give you information where you stick to it on your best day …

Then there’s fitting the food and fitness to your lifestyle.

Just like Sarah found who’s just finished her 4-Week Kickstart :

“It’s made me look at losing weight differently!

No more yo yo diets for me.

More about exercise and changing the way I think about food and situations like family get togethers!!


I enjoyed your classes as well as the meal planner and short exercise in the morning which I will continue.”

Well done, Sarah!!

Small habits, compound effect in how you feel and look

The clothes you wear

And things you say “yes” to.

And on that note, if you want more info on our brand new April 4-week kickstart programme in Burbage and Marlborough for ladies 40+

just email with the subject line “4 week” and I’ll get you the details.

Matt “raw and unedited” Fruci

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