But I have been better

So I was away in Cornwall for a few days over Mother’s Day.

And it dawned on my that I’m not in as good as shape as I was a few years back…

It’s fair to say that “I have been better”..

But here’s the thing.

right now, I’m just refusing to allow myself to be too judgemental about it.

I mean, I’m happy with the balance I have right now on my life between work, family, health and fitness.

And if I go into “beat myself up mode” over it…

It doesn’t do anything 

And I end up comparing myself to my best day in ONE area…

Comparing myself to someone who’s bloody hard to beat…

I mean, I’d be comparing myself to when I finished 2nd in Britain in a competition…

So what am I doing instead?

Well, I’m trying to beat who I was yesterday..

As that’s definitely doable given my current work, family commitments and social life…and what makes me happy.

(best man at a wedding today, off on a stag do soon, family weekend away)

Which means I take action…

And taking action, no matter how small, just so happens to be the secret to crushing fear and getting transformational results in how you look and feel…

So my point? 

where in your health, fitness, diet or life..

are you putting so my judgment on a situation that it stops you taking action and doing the things you know you need to do to get the results you want?

All because you compare yourself to your best day?

Forgetting that just because getting in shape and improving your fitness to make everyday tasks, like climbing stairs, isn’t easy…

It doesn’t have to be hard. 

It doesn’t have to be long, tedious workouts in a gym

(I often just squat and throw my 2 year old daughter up in the air, her laughs take my mind off of the workout haha)

Or giving up your favourite foods and social life 

Just as Julie talks about HERE 

Anyway, off to have a token brandy with the groom at the wedding today to calm the nerves…

First drink in a while…

Matt “slurring his words” Fruci

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