Cardio to tone up?

If you have ever read a fitness or health magazine

(Especially years ago)

You’d be forgiven for thinking you have to do cardio to lose weight and tone up.

But let’s consider what toning up actually means:

1- Losing body fat 

2- Increasing muscle 

^^ these together = “tone” 

So what are the key things for this?

1- Being in a calorie deficit ensuring you have sufficient protein intake  

2- Some type of resistance exercise to provide a stimulus on the muscle to force the body to change shape (this could be body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, bands, even tins or a bag).

Which technically means 

You can get toned doing zero cardio.

Would I recommend ?

Probably not.

As there are of course, benefits of training your heart. It’s a muscle after all

I speak about this more here

Matt “Former Chief Myth Debunker at NASA” Fruci 

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