Can you really ‘love’ exercising?

I’ve spoken before about how despite you often blaming yourself for not having the ‘willpower’ or ‘motivation’ to leave your house and go to a place you often resent to exercise…it’s actually a very UNATURAL THING to do. When else would you leave CHOOSE to leave your house to do something you don’t enjoy?

Get changed in a sweaty gym. Get blasted by a guy in lycra who knows nothing about your exercise history, lifestyle, or the fact it’s your first time there…

You see, you’re not lazy, you’re just in line with 95% of other people out there who are thinking of FUN stuff to do in the evening with your family rather than spending 2 hours in a gym (the average time spent travelling to the gym, exercising, showering in a gym and travelling home)

Panicking about what’s for dinner (which my nutrition system takes care of for you)


How you’re going to get through the bucket load of washing that HAS to be done (especially in my case…that baby wash takes nearly 3 hours!!!)

Walking your dog (if Dora, my black lab, isn’t walked…I can say goodbye to my shoes, sofa’s, chairs << which Mrs Fruci would NOT be happy about!)

Getting just 5 minutes to have some ‘ME’ time…which usually gets taken over by…WORK!

Oh, and not to mention spending some quality time with hubby…

And guess what?

All this stuff your sacrificing to exercise…



only has a 5% chance of helping you tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes…UNLESS you find something you ENJOY that fits your lifestyle and also teaches you how to build a diet to last…

Which brings me to this message I got from a Fat Loss Mastery Member (Kirstie) last week:

And what happens when you fall in love with the process?

You’re more motivated, you’ve got a smile on your face and you’re having some fun (which we don’t have enough of in my opinion)

Keep motivation and fun high? 

And there’s no end point, right? 

No focussing on that made up image of perfection that stops you doing the things you have to do to get the things you say you want.

Just progress, no matter how small…over time!

The results?

Check some of them out here:​​

And if it’s for you?

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