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Burn more calories when you eat?

My jeans were pushing back against my stomach. 

My cheeks blushing. 

I’m beginning to sweat.  

But I’m still debating whether I’ve got more room for the sushi at the all you can eat buffet. 

Despite already having the duck, pancakes, sides, starters, and steak… 

That is one thing I am looking forward to…

Eating out ☺

Have you ever been ‘diagnosed’ with the ‘meat sweats’ (as they call it)?

Well, this may surprise you, but you actually burn calories through digesting food. 

It’s actually 5-10% of your overall calories that you burn every, single day!

* You’ll burn more calories (20-30% of the calories in the food) by digesting and absorbing protein-rich foods (meats, fish, eggs, beans, tofu, dairy etc.)

* Digesting and absorbing carbs burns 5-6% of the energy in the food you’re eating, whereas digesting and absorbing fat burns just 3% of the energy from the food. 

So, I guess you could say that the old wives tale of the ‘meat sweats’ is pretty real?

What does this mean for you?

 Well, if your diet is lacking in protein-rich foods, making some simple swaps slowly but surely could help.

And – of course- you don’t need to get to the ‘meat sweat’ threshold to know you are burning more calories (unfortunately) 😉

But making these simple swaps could help you:

* Feel full up for longer so you’re not constantly thinking about food and can be more productive with your day (Which could you take back control of your ‘hunger’ <<< which I’ll come on to another day)

* Help with your skin, hair and split nails  (so many ladies over the years have said they have seen a difference in their nails)

* Healthy ageing (independence, preserving muscle, and insulin resistance)

Now, of course..

All this is just one part of the jigsaw…

And the question I often get is:

‘how much should I eat?”

You have a few options…

  1. You these strategies to help you subconsciously eat fewer calories
    1. Eat protein at every meal (aim for hand size portion)
    2. Eat veggies at every meal (go crazy with them)
    3. Sit down when you eat
    4. Drink 2litres of water a day (or 3 clear wees a day) 
    5. Plan your snacks: “I will have [insert snack] at this time [insert time]” <<< then your snacks are a part of the plan rather than a “ah, I failed” moment where you beat yourself up and go into F it mode…
  2. Track calories…not for everyone. Does take time but can be educational 

Wondering where to start with this? Try this calculator to get an idea:

Hope this helps..

It’s Wednesday which means we have our Magic Show Workout, Stretch, Back To Basics and lower intensity sessions ☺