It broke my nose (almost)…

Most of the kids are back at school…

^^^ I say most because many were either sent home or protesting at the “shoes were not smart enough”, “no more dresses for girls due to gender equality”.. I could go on.

It’s how we know Summer is over (as the weather doesn’t really let us know which season we’re in). And – of course – you’re well and truly home from – what I hope – was a nice Summer break.

Maybe you went snorkelling?

UNLIKE ME… you see, we were away on holiday and I was keen to have a snorkel. And I was in luck. A shop nearby selling snorkels “for all”.

So I pop on my speedos, grab my snorkel and announce to the whole of the hotel that “I’m off for a snorkel”. And being the keen snorkeller I am, I thought I’d put it on for the walk down. OR – should I say – try and put it on.

Because it didn’t fit. It said snorkel “for all” but I couldn’t fit my nose in it so the water just came straight in…at this point, Mrs Fruci is in stitches…and I’m nearly breaking my nose trying to get it on. I can’t help but notice the couple beside us enjoying the entertainment (me struggling to fit this snorkel over my nose) from their sunbeds whilst sipping their morning Mojitos..

€12 down the drain (which will be like £500 post Brexit).

I called the local policia to report this snorkel discrimination and – to this day – they are still investigating.

But this “discrimination” is actually no different in this weight loss and toning up game.

Carbs are bad, skinny coffee, raspberry ketones, diet pills, low fat, healthy whole grains, no saturated fats…I could go on.

You’re constantly told to – in the words of Donald Trump – “build walls” and “ban” the so-called “bad” foods…

Which leaves you with a skinny coffee, a diet pill and a courguette to live off. Which works great for a week. Until real life takes over…work / home life, birthdays, social events…

And you think F it..I’ve had one so-called bad food, so I may as well have 10!

Which begs the questions:

What’s the problem here. The so-called “bad” food or your REACTION after you eat this so-called “bad” food?

And it’s exactly why I get you thinking differently in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme.

No banned foods…just the flexibility and empowerment to be in control of your nutrition.

And you can grab – for a limited time – my FREE 30-day Habit Shift Programme by going here:

But this is extremely limited (hence why only action takers will get it free)
Matt “Former Snorkeller ☹️” Fruci
Fruci Fit
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