My Big Fat Diet Food Trap

It's December.

Which means I'm going to be introducing my daughter to a few cheesey Christmas films this weekend.

One of which? Home Alone 

I can't wait to be reminded of just how ridiculous…Yet painfully funny it is

Harry and Marv are literally falling for EVERY trap put up by Kevin. Making the same mistakes every...single, time.

And speaking of traps.

It reminds me of a question I recently had about 'trigger foods' that were leading her to 'eat her emotions', especially late at night.

You know the, foods that you eat even when you're not hungry?

And / Or 

The ones that you could just keep eating once you start.

It's almost like you switch off any signals that make you feel full up, right?

Your emotions take over. And you feel out of control. 
Feel guilty. Blame yourself.

And ask yourself:

'why did I just do this?'

^^^ Something I - still - occasionally do with peanut butter....and coconut chocolate 🙂 Especially when I'm tired, skipped a few meals,  and things out of my control took over.

But self sabotage is one of the biggest reasons that stops you losing weight (and keeping it off)

And it doesn't make sense why we KEEP doing it, does it?

Can you just blame the 'sugar'? I mean, sugar does light up areas of your brain similar to how cocaine does


It also contains fat.

What about your emotions? 

Do you have previous memories of eating a certain food when you feel sad to cheer you up?

Now, I'm going to be delving in to the 3 strategies you can use to control hunger and these TRIGGER foods in my 14- Day Pre Christmas Slim Down.

Which will get you to think differently about what you do and why.

And on this point, does anyone actually know what hunger is anymore

You see, I bang on about teaching you how to eat on the go and still slim down, get more energy, feel like you gain and not stress about what and when to eat..


Without an exact step-by-step plan showing you how to do this?

Eating intuitively could well be the worst piece of advice I could give you.


Well, by eating intuitively

I could quite easily grab a large cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles, a £1 chocolate bar and a chocolate volcano brownie...

^^^ JUST from filling up my car with petrol, being lured in by all the smells and seeing shiny wrappers

You see, I wasn't 'hungry' when I walked in

Yet...I've just had a 600 calorie drink, a 500 calorie sandwich and 300 calorie chocolate bar

Which begs the question, does anyone truly know when they're hungry anymore?

Something I'll be showing you exactly how to overcome in my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down.

If you want to find out more.

Go here:

Matt 'Beating the Trigger Trap' Fruci

PS. We start our 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down on Monday (4th December) and I've only got 2 spaces left so if you want to try something NEW to lose weight, tone up, and take control of your relationship with food BEFORE Christmas

Go here:

^^ Where You're also going to be getting a FULL taste of the Shift Diet Programme which will be launching in January 🙂

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