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How would like to have zero problems?

It would be great, right? You would ALWAYS be toned. You would ALWAYS fit into your favourite clothes. Your other half would ALWAYS come home with a bouquet of flowers for you and cook the exact meal you were thinking about. 

And I'd never fall out of my kayak training for the Devizes to Westminster next year...

But here's the thing. 

A few weeks back, me and my Kayaking partner did our longest paddle together and stayed in the boat. It wasn't that far in the grand scheme of things. But just the week before, I had fallen it, got a bit stuck in dirty $#*! water and felt like quitting. 

So staying in and doing our furtherest paddle felt amazing. I was enjoying the ride, noticing the wild life, the skies, the passers by, the trees. 

My point is that I wouldn't be enjoying it so much if I wouldn't have had the struggles of falling in, getting wet, being cold and feeling like quitting. 

As they say, 'the smoothes rock is the roughest part of the stream'

And what I'm leading up to is this:

Winston Churchill once said: 

"The definition of success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm"

So, what if you shifted your mindset so that you shifted your problems into breakthroughs? 

What if today you viewed a problem as a challenge and accepted that how you overcome this problem is the level of life you get to live?

What if the level of complexity you are willing to handle was correlated with your level of happiness? 

What if problems are here to make you stronger? 

So you notice the good? Enjoy the REWARDS of putting in the work?

after all, you don't know sunny days until you've had rainy, windy cloudy days. 

So what if instead of wasting energy worrying and stressing about the problem (which could be spent investing in YOU and enjoying time with your friends and family), you decided to come up with solutions to this problem? 

And this is exactly what we do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme...

I've got just 3 spaces for busy ladies who want to take control of their relationship with food, get fit, tone up and fit back into their favourite clothes (for good) .

You can apply here if you think this is for you:

Applications close Sunday 8th October 19:00

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