6 Packaging Buzzwords To Lookout For

It’s minefield right now…

all of the dairy free milks, gluten free breads, ‘natural’ ingredients, organic, vegan, coconut sugar…

It’s confusing, right?

And some food manufacturers are taking advantage of this

potentially leading to you making choices that might not be as beneficial as you thought (both for your waistline and your bank account).

so I thought I’d run through 6 packaging buzzwords :

1. “Vegan” – Despite the word being associated with ‘health’….

Food manufacturers put vegan on ice creams, cookies, and even crisps (which should be vegan anyway) to make them seem better than the original…

2. “Gluten free” – Just go down the gluten free isle and have a look at the calories…a biscuit is still a biscuit.

3. Coconut sugar / beet sugar / brown rice syrup etc. – these are all just the same as plain old…sugar (which is also ‘natural’)

4. Agave syrup – Did you know this has 5 times the calories as sugar?

Now, it is sweeter than sugar, so the ‘proposed’ benefit is that you might use less… It’s also a vegan substitute for honey…but it’s still just sugar.

And the perceived ‘health’ benefits can often make people eat more sugar….​​

5. “Organic” – There’s very little difference, if any, in NUTRITION between organic and conventional packaged food.

​​Now, I’m not talking about taste or sustainability…but the nutrition.

​​Personally, there’s some foods where I find organic tastes better, like carrots and eggs…but just remember eating organic is not necessary to get the nutrients you need.

6. “high in protein” – It’s no doubt eating more protein in your diet will probably only be a good thing for your hunger and fat loss (not to mention skin, hair, and split nails) 

BUT…just because it says it’s ‘high in protein’ it doesn’t mean it actually is.

​​Sure, it may be higher than the original cereal, but it’s still not a ‘high protein’ food…

My point ?

Contrary to what many of the food manufactures might want you to believe, you don’t have to change EVERYTHING to get healthy and lose some body fat…

In fact, this ‘all or nothing’ mindset and thinking it has to be ‘perfect’ is probably stopping you from starting and…

​​getting closer to where you want to be.

Remember: Consistency >>> Perfection

So, start small. Don’t forget to pack your bottle of water with you today and keep it within arms reach all day

^^ something that is SOOO simple, and overlooked.

In fact, when I was asked the other day what ONE thing would have the biggest benefit on someones life that they could do NOW…

It was ‘drink more water’.

Not eat ‘organic’, not ‘go vegan’, and not ‘don’t eat carbs after 6pm’…

As my biggest worry with this?

Well, in a world where you’re busy, short on time, and wondering how you can fit these healthy eating and fitness stuff into your lifestyle.. 

You’re being told to do things that may be unnecessary to get you feeling fitter, slimmer and healthier

Which end up putting you off doing anything as it almost becomes another full time job to stick

leaving you in the same position year after year…

And at the end of the day, I just want this health and fitness stuff to make you happy

Give you more energy, feel better, feel healthier and just say ‘yes’ to more things

Matt ‘food jargon’ Fruci

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