5 Ways To Stop Relying On Willpower

Something that the ladies I work with have mentioned to me a lot these last few weeks

Is just how much they’ve been surrounded by chocolates…

At work

At home

Be it the kids, work colleagues, the other half..

Or just themselves buying them because ‘we might have guests….”

I get it…

It’s the same for me, too.

And I could sit here and say that it’s all about willpower etc..

But it’s not…

And it’s not about bad foods, either…

You see, most negative relationships around foods, emotional eating, comfort eating issues etc

are a result of behavioural patterns and habits that have been consistently practiced.

 ‘oh I’ve had one so I may as well have 5″

‘It’s Christmas so I’ll have all the chocolate I can eat until January 1st”

“I’m tired so I’ll have chocolate to give me a boost’

“I’ve had a s#*! day so I’ll have a chocolate”


You see, as much as the January headlines will want to blame gluten, carbs, or saturated fats for our struggles with weight loss and health…

It’s usually the repetitions of our thoughts, behaviours and actions around certain foods…

Rather than the occasional consumption of them…

So here are 5 things that might help:

1) Write down everything you eat – you’ll become conscious of what, when and why…Seriously. Ask yourself whether you are because you were hungry? Someone else ate it so you thought you should too? Stress from earlier in the day? Boredom? Just become more self aware

2) Look for things you do that don’t conform with who you want to be and how you want to feel and look. 

3) If you’re sat in the living room / kitchen, make sure snack / picky foods are alway 6 feet away

4) If you think you’re hungry, ask yourself if you could eat a piece of fruit (this is called the apple test)

5) If you feel like you need a sugar fix for more energy, consider the last time you treated yourself to a bubble bath, some flowers, or an early night?


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