5 tips to combat overeating when having friends/ family over

No matter what time of the year it is

Social events 

Eating out 

Hosting for friends and family 

Are always things that come up.

Be it Summer or …


^^ can I mention that yet? I mean once September is here (next week 😮) the mince pies are out in Tesco so…

Anyway, here 5 tips to combat overeating when having friends/ family over (even if you’re in control of food):

^^ Oh and disclaimer: we want you to enjoy your food. This is if you WANT to feel more in control of your food in these situations. There may be times where you completely let your hair down. If it’s a conscious choice and you enjoy it? Go for it😀

1- Only eat when sitting down – 

Sounds simple, but when hosting, you’re always looking after everyone else lose / making sure everyone has a drink. 

But by making a conscious decision to only eat when sat down? 

You will be more aware of what you eat rather than the bites, licks and tastes as you rush around worrying everyone else is having good time 😉 

2- Make your meals protein and veg based – 

I was eating out the other day. I had the choice of risotto or a prawn and scallop dish. One – the risotto – is much more carby, whereas the prawn and scallop are higher in protein. I know that’s going to keep me full for longer.

And to help with this, I also added a side salad to bulk it out.

3- Keep leftovers on the counter –

When leftovers / serving containers are on the table, you are more likely to eat more..

Move them to the kitchen side and maybe just have the leftover veg (and maybe protein) on the table. This makes the veg and protein more desirable to eat rather than having to get up and serve from the kitchen side.

4- Put your knife and fork down between bites – 

“Daddy you’re the winner” – my kids say. “What did I win” – I reply

You finished your dinner first 😆 

I’m as guilty as anyone for eating fast 

Putting your knife and fork down between bites

Is a really simple and effective way to slow you down. 

See if you enjoy it more?

Does it make you feel more full and satisfied?

5- Enjoy it-

We want you to enjoy your food.

But feeling guilty, bloated, overeating …

Probably isn’t enjoying your food.

Which is why I’m here answering this question today 😀


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