2 Minutes?

I get most of us live super busy lives…

I mean, there are some days where I look at my diary and think ‘wow’

Luckily, I love what I do and it gives me lots of energy.

But that still doesn’t meant I sometimes struggle to implement my ‘me time’

And getting that balance right between work, family and time with the kids, not to mention my own self care.

Which is why

The first 2 minutes of my day are so so key.

What the first 2 minutes of my day looks like ⁉️

Here is a little video here: https://www.facebook.com/reel/1193180568142390?fs=e&s=cl 

^^^ 8/10 times I do this before I open my phone 👀😳 and when I open my phone first I definitely do not enjoy it as much …

This ensures:

1) I wake up the smell of coffee 😋 

2) I’ve had a pint of water and any supplements so I don’t forget to take them in the busyness of life 

3) I get our accountability challenge done for our awesome Fruci Fit ladies, where we set our intentions for the day and get a one minute workout done first thing which  you can even do whilst the kettle is boiling 👍

Control what you can not what you wish you can. That’s why those first 2 minutes, even on more busiest, most stressful day will rarely ever change 

What’s your morning routine? Do you have one? I’ve had many over the years, but I’ve found keeping it simple is the most important part

Simple = done ✅


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