I had to double, triple check it.

It was the electricity for one of our studios…

There was I picking the kids up

Thinking this surely is a mistake…

The worrying part?

I checked the digits of the meter

And they matched. …

And in this mad rush…

I rang the landlord..

To which they said the meters might be wrong 

And they seem to have a wrong number…

*immediate relief*

Until I got home and realised they only got it wrong once..

And even with that

It still looks like it should be £140,000…

So I went back to the image of the meter we sent to the provider

And noticed there was one thing missing…

A decimal point…

Now why am I sharing this?

Well, not only does it mean we don’t have to close down after all (yes, I panic too, sometimes)

But it is a reminder that the SMALL things matter…

From the 1 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute walk / workout you think won’t do anything..

To stopping at 3 biscuits instead of 6…

To doing ‘only one workout’ this week instead of none because ‘I need to be exercising every day so I will just write this week off’

I could go on..

And it is the same with nutrition research 

Which gets everyone confused.

And I hope that at Fruci Fit we can contribute – even if a little – to drown out the confusing inaccurate science that is thrown out there.

Whilst I am at..

Let me share one of late that I spoke about recently..

^^forgive if I bore you here, but when you realise this, you are empowered to be critical here. 

I’ll admit, when I was at Loughborough University and Oxford Brookes University doing my postgraduate study and research…

I used to be so frustrated when we had to learn ‘research methods’ / attend journal clubs and so on..

I just wanted to learn about exercise and mainly nutrition…

Little did I know that the secret to understanding this?

Is to understand how to interpret the research ..

You see studies out there which say you know…

“Sweeteners cause cancer“

Or something like this .

Yet no reliable human studies have been able to support this..

There is one study recently 

And it showed that 

People who had higher intakes of sweeteners had a slightly lower risk of cancer compared to people who had a lower amount..

Which pretty much means

That there is no real relationship between sweeteners…

So even though you could say that if you have lots of artificial sweeteners your risk of cancer goes up by 0.3% for example..

It means nothing because you can also say that people who have much lower intakes of artificial sweeteners have an increased cancer risk of 0.4%…


If there was a relationship

People who have less sweetener in their diet should have a lower risk of cancer…


I hope you are still with me

A bit sciency today..

And just to finish this?

There is also a difference between relative risk and absolute risk..

A newspaper article or a TikTok or someone on Instagram will love to say things like

‘There has been a 15% increase in cancer from sweeteners’


“15% increase in cancer from eating meat”

But 15% is relative. So if for example, your risk of getting cancer from just living our daily life is 1%, that would mean a 15% increased relative risk is now 1.15%…


I’ll go now.

Rant over..

Matt ‘assassin of misinformation’ Fruci

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