1 way to lower your BMI?

Quick (and simple) one today..

Inspired by my 6 year old daughter who said to me 

“Daddy, you’re the winner”

Looking down at my plate…

“You finished your dinner first”

And it reminded me of something…

Those who eat slower tend to have a lower BMI 😮 

It’s a simple one anyone can apply today 

Whether you’re eating out, at a BBQ or at home .

✅ are you sat down when you eat?

✅ are you facing away from the buffet, leftovers and seconds, when eating?

✅ could you put your knife and fork down between bites?

Small habits compound effect 

(Which might just help your digestion and gut symptoms too)

Speaking of small habits?

On Monday 3rd July,

We start our free 5 day challenge specifically for women peri or post menopause to help better manage their symptoms with a step by step plan based on what the research shows.

Register here:


Matt “speaking with my mouthful” Fruci


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