“You make it look so easy”

So the other day in one of our sessions in the Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, I was demonstrating an exercise to which one of the ladies said:

“you make it look so easy”

The funny thing about this?

Is that one of the other ladies said the exact same thing about her when she was doing an exercise.

And it got me thinking (which is a scary thought)…

Because just know that for every person you say ‘they make it look easy” to…

There’s probably someone saying the exact​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ same thing about you…

Be it in your work life, with the kids, grandkids, exercise, or weight loss.

My point is that the only difference is that there just at a different point in their journey…

And even if it looks like they might be ahead of you….

just remember that this is YOU vs YOU…

Now, of course, it is only natural to compare yourself to others. But this can actually be useful if you take inspiration from it.

I guess that’s why ​​​​surrounding yourself with like-minded people is so powerful in changing behaviours and getting different results. 

As you can learn from people who have been there.

Just like we do in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.

But another point I want to make here is that there will ALWAYS be someone who you think is making it ‘look easy’ compared to you.

And that’s a good thing. Because it probably means that you are progressing. Getting better. And now? Want to be a better version.

Which will probably keep you inspired, motivated and doing the things you know you need to do to get the results you want, be it with your mindset, body, and / or health 🙂


PS. If you want to learn more about our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme and be the first to know about the next intake, just press reply and let me know what you’re looking to achieve and I can see if I can help you 🙂

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