You are who you eat with?

Last night was literally my first steak in a good few weeks (and much needed)

You see, I’ve generally (aside from the odd bit of lamb) not been eating too much red meat

Mainly because my wife is pregnant and only likes it rare 

So to be on the safe side, we’ve kind of been avoiding the red stuff (including the vino…)

Which brings me to this ‘study of all studies’ suggesting that if you are:

1) Told that ‘the others’ just ate the ‘whole pack of donuts, pizza, and popcorn between them’…you’ll eat more

2) Told that ‘the others’ only ate 2 donuts, 2 slices of pizza, and no popcorn between them’…you’ll eat less

3) Told that ‘most people in Wiltshire eat 5 portions of fruit and veggies per day’…then you’ll eat more fruit and veggies

4) Told a ‘healthy eating’ message like ‘people in Wiltshire should eat more fruit and veggies’…then you’re less likely to eat more fruit and veggies

And one study showed that when 2 out of the 3 friends opted for the ‘healthier’ option

the 3rd friend followed

Which begs the question…

Is it who you eat with that’s most important for your weight loss?

I mean, we know that guys generally need more food to function

so if you’re eating the same as the other half

You may be overeating (or he may be undereating)

^^^ I often have a meal and a half when eating out with the wife (which can make things difficult. It seems that I’m the one eating for two…)

But here’s the thing.

Considering all of this about the importance of eating with others and it’s effect on what you do and how much weight you lose

How successful…


^^^ once the honey-moon period of your new ‘shake’, kale, fruitarian (more on that one another day…) diet is over

Is your diet going to be?

how likely are you to just ‘give in’ and go back to your old ways?

Especially when it’s Christmas and you want to enjoy meals out, time with family, and – let’s face it – the best meal ever created (providing you opt for all of the trimmings, that is)

And it’s exactly why my new online members area gives you over 150 recipe ideas and meals

That are not only tailored for your nutritional needs to help you lose weight and keep it off

But are also meals that your other half and kids will eat!

So you’re not having to cook different foods and eat at different times

you save time

and can even save your plan for the week in your personal area 

Or even print it for the whole family to see 

So you can get the other half helping you out in the kitchen!

If you want a quick ‘look inside’ of this nutritional system to see if this is for you

Then go here:

Best wishes,


PS. you’ll also get a sneak peak of my new Female Fat Loss Mastery programme starting November 28th in Marlborough

Here’s the link:

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