Without starving myself…

So my birthday celebrations are now over…I’m now 27 years of age

And I know you’re probably thinking:

‘oh you’re so still young”

But me, I’m now old…because I’ve never been older

^^^ although a patient in an NHS Diabetes education session I delivered recently guessed I was 35 years old (talk about kick in the teeth…must be all those anti-aging blueberries)

Just like how everyone says my 16-week old daughter is now ‘old’…

My point is it that your PERSPECTIVE could dictate your energy, productivity, mood with family and friends, how much fun you have, your confidence…

And – ultimately – whether you fit back into your favourite clothes this Summer


Just give up again and put it off for another year…

Falling back into the vicious yoyo dieting cycle of

​​​weight loss >>>binge >>>>diet starts Monday >>> weight loss >>> binge

Rather than building a diet to last

One that fits your lifestyle

Allows you to have YOUR ‘few glasses of wine’ 😉

Juggle  your work life

And be a SUPERmum to your kids…

One of the secrets that members in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation programme use?

And this might surprise you…

To live in the past a little bit more…

^^^ Like when I wasn’t 27 going on 35

And count your ‘wins’

Because this is where your CONFIDENCE is

In the evidence of what you have already done

Why is this important?

Because even after one of those day where YOU choose to say ‘it’s been a bad day…’…

You find evidence that you are actually doing OK

^^^ I mean, who’d have though I’d be on BBC Wiltshire radio again today at 1230ish talking about…FOOD!​​​

And you stay CALM…

Just like one of our members, Becca, did last week…

Looking back to see she’d lost 11lbs…

‘without feeling like I had to starve myself’

And for another body transformation member it took a RARE complement from dad to tell her how far she’d come…

With an inquisitive stare at her belly..

he says: ‘you’re doing well”

And when you slow down and acknowledge just how far you’ve come

This is when the MAGIC happens

That dress becomes a little looser

You’re using safety pins to hold up your knickers as you’re not ready to invest in new ones yet (as you’re now ready to take on the world…with a safety pin…)

And you have the courage to CONTINUE doing things that are getting you the things you say you want

If you’re ready to get involved in this and put an end to all this yoyo dieting, ‘I have no willpower’, ‘my metabolism is slow’, and 10lbs in 5 days summer detox diets.

I have an exclusive free mini body transformation challenge on our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme starting from Monday 15th May

If you think this might be for you, apply here:


Matt ‘age is just a number’ Fruci

PS. If you want to hear me chat about food, diet and exercise…tune in to BBC Radio Wiltshire at about 1230pm today…AKA lunchtime 😉

PPS. here’s the link to apply for your exclusive week:

​​ https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/​​​​​​

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