What’s the best diet? Try this and it’ll tell you

So, the other day I made a post on Facebook about staying open minded, how things aren’t always what they seem and why thinking about the what you are going to do after the latest health kick, detox or weight loss plan is pretty important so you can keep the results you get (with this pic below):

And this resulted in the question of:

“So, what’s the best diet?”

With some people like me – with the more ‘all or nothing’ / perfectionist type of personalities – asking about the smallest of details 

like the best time to have breakfast, whether to combine carbs and fats in one meal etc..

Which are all irrelevant in the context of your overall food intake / calories

But forget that for a moment, because the truth is that they’re missing ONE important part.

​In fact, it’s crucial.

And that is to START.

Start by looking at ONE change you can make to help create a calorie deficit (if losing body fat and fitting into nicer clothes is a goal of yours). It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Maybe you start by looking at your drinks throughout the week. Swapping a latte for an americano, ​​​​​​juice for a diet drink, cereal for some yoghurt, sausages for chicken sausages, 1kcal fry spray instead of oil, have a handful of veggies with each meal, walk to the shops rather than drive…

Maybe you start by looking at social events you have. How can you lower your calories in the meals you are in control of?​​

Because once you take STEP ONE…and master it?

You create ​​​​a whole new load of questions, lessons, opportunities and challenges that CURRENTLY DO NOT EXIST…

Once you take STEP ONE…use the feedback you get.

​ ​Take the lessons. Consider the opportunities, challenges ​​, questions ​​(this could be food preferences, preparing some lunches the night before, being flexible with your evening meal to deal with fussy eaters at home so you don’t have to cook separately etc.)

​​Then move on to Step 2, 3,4 and 5 etc…

That’s how you adapt and build the best diet for YOU..


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