What’s positive about this?

You know, those darker mornings and evenings.

And I get it.

It is slightly harder to get up in the morning

That chill is back

And everywhere you go 

Everyone comments on this…

Not to mention

The news talking about SAD (seasonal affective disorder), flu…i could go on..

But something we do inside our Reboot Kickstart

Is to think differently. 

You see, no matter happens

You always have the power in asking the question:

What is positive about this?

Sounds odd

And of course, there may be a few situations 

Where you struggle to find positives (but they are still there).

So here is mine.

What is positive about these so-called negative darker mornings and evenings:

1. getting in the warm after being really cold

2. Hot chocolates snuggled on the sofa – cocoa powder cinnamon orange flavouring / oil home baking isle

3. Christmas

4. Unicorn Onesies 

5. Going to a Garden centre seeing the christmas decorations

6. Bonfire night and marshmallows (gelatin which is like taking collagen)

7. Easier to get early nights in (especially when you can say to the kids -it is dark outside time for bed)

8. Crisp sunny frosty mornings 

9. Christmas 

10. Telling the kids ‘Santa is watching so you best [insert job you want them to do]

And I could go on…

Powerful technique 

That you can apply to anything that you perceive as negative

After all, it is not the thing that is the problem

But rather our thoughts about the thing…


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