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What Sue said on Facebook (28 days later)

Here’s what Sue said about the Kickstart programme yesterday:

I started Matts 28 day Kick start programme a month ago. 

I felt I had to try something different – not just about diet – not just about the exercise- but needing to look at why I slip up so much with food and then feel I let myself down 

Matts 15 Habits in the Kick Start really helped me look at why I was eating something and when and how.

Matts early morning chats are very thought provoking. I realised that I bolt my meals – had ate on the hoof for years with my job

I eat healthily but was probably eating too much and snacks well – that’s a good one! I now don’t buy packs of mixed mini chocolate bars as I don’t need or want them!

I have gradually built up my exercise routine and the meeting with Matt today was brilliant – I felt so energised . 

My body is already firming up and I have lost 6lb – this a brilliant course to sign up for 

I am doing this from home and Matts check – ins are good – am also checking in with a few members”


Well done, Sue. 

Small habits, compound effect. 

And the reason I’m sharing this is that people ask a lot about what’s realistic tl achieve.

And my answer is that it really depends on YOU.

As does the nutrition that might work for you 

The exercise sessions which will work for you

Your lifestyle 

Whether you want to come and do this with us at our private studios in Devizes or Marlborough,

Whether you want to do this all from home (like Sue has)

Or do a mix off both.

You can make this as convenient or personal as you like.

Anyway, if you’d like to join our January 28 Day Kickstart,

We have just released 15 spaces for ladies 40+.

Just reply to this message with “28 Day” and I’ll get you the details.