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What happened to Sue

Here’s what Sue said last week

Who started a few months ago:

“I started a few months ago and wasn’t sure at first. I can honestly say i am throughly enjoyed the fitness classes, the support you get from the coach and other ladies in the classes.

 I had a problem with snacking on what can i eat as my job can be alot of pressure and irregular eating times.

Devizes ladies made suggestions to me.

Over the months i have learned the importance of protein and planning meals, drinking plenty of water also doing my classes at my pace. Classes are fun and we have a laugh even when we have a job to move the next day. 

Besides the classes i sometimes do catch on the videos, try new classes.

I am now alot fitter, more confident, more energy and 3lb off losing a stone. Really enjoying myself getting toned and fitter.”I would recommend joining to anyone. So join up ladies a lovely new studio in Devizes, although i do enjooy the outdoor classes.A big thank you to Julie and the Devizes Ladies.Sue”

Amazing work. 

Well done, Sue. 

Our coach, Julie, spoke about this a lot more here:

Enjoyer herself 

More toned 

Nearly a stone down 

And all this 

Whilst having a laugh 😃

Our January 28 day Kickstart for ladies 40+ starts 4th January

And can be done from home or with us in person in our private studios in Devizes or Marlborough. 

If you’d like more details just send over a message and we will get you the details.