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What happened to Kathryn…

What Happened to Kathryn

Got this message from Kathryn last week:


Amazing work.

✅ 3 inches off the waist 

👏👏 1 stone down 

But even better?

An understanding of what works “for me”

Because this is they key part…





High intensity 

Muscle strength 

Box fit 


I could go on.

They’re all great 

When used effectively and appropriately 

They’re all tools in the toolbox which when used correctly?

Will have a great impact.

The key part?

Finding what works for you…

Which is what we do in our Kickstart programme 

Specifically for women 40+ who want to get in shape, tone up and feel in control of their food again. 

Message me with “28 day” and I’ll get you the details