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Well done Jayne!!

Got this message from Jayne last week:

Well done, Jayne.

Feeling in control, 9lbs down and most importantly know more beating herself up 

And the confidence to manage her weight even with social events and breaks.

After all, life is for living.

Of course, there has to be some compromises..

But there is always a compromise whatever the choice you make..

Be it to exercise today so you have more energy, boost your fitness and get your feel good endorphins flooding your brain 

Or whether you put it off…

One thing that Jayne has done 

Is act based on how she wants to feel rather than how she currently feels.

It’s not easy…

But it is simple..

If you’d like to join Jayne and co

In our November Programme to finish 2021 on a high 

So you can look back on 1st January 2022 and say “I did that. I made that happen”

Just message me with November and I’ll get you the details