Update from Rosie

“I am a pound off my target for the New Year that I first set with you in  Marlborough!

Pleased and fitting into clothes that I have not worn for a while 
And not having to think which pair of jeans fit…they all do!


And as the saying goes:


“a chattering bird builds no nest”


Rosie took action.


She overcome the ‘beliefs’ you have when starting on yet another ‘diet’ to fit into your favourite jeans, feel more confident with friends and family, and discover the types and amounts of foods that boost your energy so you can spend more time with your children (without being out of breath and relying on the coffee…):

‘I’ve failed before so I’ll fail again’

‘It’s Christmas soon so what’s the point?’

‘I’ve got a child on the way so how I feel about myself can wait’

‘I don’t have the willpower to stick to a diet’

^^^ All beliefs based on previous experiences which now mean YOU feel you’ve failed before you’ve even started

And here’s the thing:




The work you need to do to get the body you want (and the wardrobe you want)

Will – in the short term – reduce anxiety, stress, and fear about failing again

^^^ and this will motivate you to keep putting ‘it’ off until January 1st (when the Daily Mail will once again come out with a 3 day bikini body blitz…)


In the long term…

AVOIDANCE can prevent you from DISconfirming the unhelpful and – often – made up ‘beliefs’ that stop you fitting into your favourite clothes and feeling in control of your eating habits.

And what’s the ONE – scientifically backed – method you can use to overcome this AVOIDANCE?


Just like Rosie did

And who knows

Maybe you could be:

“Fitting into clothes that I have not worn for a while…




^^^ Imagine that

And if you’re ready to experience it and level up your life…

It’s your last chance to apply for Female Fat Loss Mastery:


The deadline is tonight at 730pm

Matt ‘building nests’ Fruci

PS. Here’s the rest of Rosie’s story:

“I have got into, as you say, an intuitive way of eating now and as I mentioned…no more Rennies!

Thank you so much for getting me started with this.”

Apply here: https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/

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