Update from Jackie 8 weeks later

Here's what Jackie achieved 4 weeks in...but if you want to SEE where she is now 8 weeks on click the link at the bottom  :

At 51 I was feeling fat,unhealthy and had no energy. I was also faced with being 'the mother of the bride' in September and didn't want to be 'the fat mother of the bride!'. 

I joined Matt's plan nervously after feeling deflated after diet groups and not being able to stick with them. Matt immediately puts you at ease! He takes care of you as 'a whole'. 

Food,fitness and focus. The food part is easy to fit into every day life and there is access to hundreds of recipes. Matt has made fitness fun. His classes are for everyone,whatever you can or can't do. 

And it's easy to fit 5 or 10 mins exercise into your day at home. To be able to focus for 5 mins on yourself each day helps you to relax. 

Within 2 weeks,I had lost 11lbs. At 4 weeks,I had lost 3 and half inches from my waist. 2 and a half from my hips. An inch from my bust and an inch off each thigh!! And Matt is always there to answer any questions. I'm looking forward to seeing more results in the future. 

I'm feeling more confident about myself. Stronger and higher energy levels!! Only wish I'd found Matt earlier!!

So fast forward 8 weeks and check out how amazing Jackie looks here:

If you want to learn more about our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme and join Jackie and co, check out the link below:



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