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to my 80 year old self

to my 80 year old self 

Quick one today.

Because – for once – I was speechless when I read this 😂 

Here’s what Paula posted on Facebook last week:

“Morning. Today I’ve already been for my run and getting ready to workout with Chloe Carrett at 9am. On my run I was chatting to myself about why I haven’t posted about what I’ve been up to over the last 8 months. I concluded I was embarrassed, ashamed and not happy. 

Well today I’ve decided to be very brave because I’m so happy and proud of what I’ve achieved but also the help I’ve had and amazing people I’ve met and new friends made Cathy Gay Sarah Bailey Hazel Ide! 

Over the last 8 months I’ve lost a whopping 5 stone in weight with the help of Matt Fruci  and team and the support of my family and friends. It’s been tough, I went from a couch potato, grazing Labrador to one that persevered, got up every day at 6:15 to work out. Not graze and exercise some more. I haven’t counted a calorie at all. Just with matts help and support, daily encouragement I slowly got lighter, fitter and stronger. 

I’ve done it totally for me and my future me. I see so many older people with ailments and lack of mobility. I’d like to be a crazy rainbow haired active elderly lady, that wasnt going to just hapen. Something had to change and that was me. 

So to me when I’m 80, I’ve done this for you and me now and all the years in between. 

As a mother, wife, colleague we sometimes lose sight of ourselves. If you are like me take time for you and rediscover the old you, she’s in there waiting to come out and play! 

Well done, Paula. 

Great message. 

And I hope it inspires you today (it sure did inspire me.

Matt “nothing more to say” Fruci