The Superfood No One Is Talking About

It’s not green tea (or that ‘detox’ tea stuff)


It’s not garlic.


And no…I’m not talking about Aloe Vera.


But before I reveal one of the reasons why this nutrition stuff seems so confusing…


The problem has come from ‘nutritionists’ trying to apply the medicine way of doing things to nutrition:


“one drug treats this”


Now, this may “work” in medicine (I’m no expert in medicine by the way).


But “one food treats this” isn’t so straight forward in nutrition for the following reasons:


1) Different nutrients you eat in food compete for absorption (so one may impact how much you absorb of the other…This can be the case with iron levels


2) Certain nutrients taken together can enhance their absorption so you get more benefits (and more energy)


3) Eating a few “superfoods” won’t outdo your poor diet. It’s what you do on average that counts


For example, if you’re sprinkling turmeric on your Cadbury’s Fruit n Nut? I’m not sure how super it will be …


4) There is soooo much emotion in food that it’s difficult to get us to stick to rigid plans to even see what might work


5) Many of the studies on “superfoods” are not in humans..


Like one study on garlic…


Showing that the dose to get the benefits would equate to you eating 28 cloves in a day


(which you’re friends and family probably won’t thank you for).


You’re probably wondering what that superfood I was talking about is?


Now, this ONE SUPERFOOD actually contains all of these ingredients:


Vinegar – shown to potentially lower blood sugar levels and help you stay full up


Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory properties to help your gut and immune system


Salt – you actually need it…and low salt diets can actually have a negative impact. If you don’t eat processed foods? You may want to be wary of this…


Garlic – Blood pressure and cholesterol benefits


Mustard seed – high in selenium which is anti inflammatory. It is also a source of magnesium.


And it is ALL in this one product above


Why am I sharing this with you today?


Well, this so-called superfood is actually just..


French’s American Mustard…


It’s often labelled as junk and full of crap..


People might ‘think’ it is full of chemicals..


Yet, it has all of these ‘superfoods’ in?


And ZERO sugar…


My point?


Well, just like


‘eating breakfast’


“don’t eat salt”


“Avoid fat”


Things just become dogma in the nutrition world


You hear them so many times, they become ‘true’..


Making it more confusing and overwhelming..


It’s no wonder we think this health and fitness stuff has to be this time-consuming, stressful thing..


And no wonder we feel guilty for eating a so-called ‘bad’ food…


The problem is that the more we do this?


The more we strengthen the learned habit of going into


‘F it’ Mode….


So question everything…


Even me..


In fact, especially me..


After all, I’m telling you to put American mustard on your burger today


And tell people that it’s a superfood.


What do I know?


Matt ‘’superfood’ Fruci

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