The Gorilla diet…?

The Gorilla diet?

“What is a gorilla picnic?”

She asked me as I paid for the watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, and apples from the market …

To which I had to pause…

As I was purely in ‘dad’ mode…

Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you about some new diet

That is meant to cure all…

Just like you could argue

If you cherry pick research and put it in a book or documentary ..

Whether that book or documentary is about fasting, keto, carnivore, 5:2, low carb, vegan or Paleo…

When you cherry pick research, they will all come up with the same conclusions:

→ Live longer

→ Reduce risk of disease

→ Lose weight

No wonder we are all so confused.

My daughter finds it fascinating watching this gorilla on Tiktok which basically shows it’s diet each day.

If I am honest, it was me who initially came across it and found it interesting, just watching them eat and watching what they do.

Now, weirdly, after watching it

They too wanted to get some vegetables and fruits and eat them like a ‘gorilla’. 

And then came the name ‘gorilla picnic’ 

Which is basically fruit and veg in a platter haha

And of course, the odd bit of cake makes it’s way in there. And rightly so, balance rather than pedestals and ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ is something we should be preaching. 

After all, it is often the ‘good’ that causes the ‘bad’…

You see, my daughters see me eating carrots, berries, and even mackerel

Then will eat what I eat just to say 

‘Haha Daddy I am eating your food’

And going back to the conversation with the lady at the market….

It always makes me laugh when I explain some of the stuff we say and do as parents. 

Some stuff is just so random



And often done subconsciously.

We don’t even realise we do it. 

That we go into ‘fun’ / ‘silly’ mode….

And it’s a bit like what people say when it comes to comfort eating 


Binge eating. 

So I wanted to share some questions to help you bring this to the conscious so you can be more aware of it

And make better informed, more intelligent decisions when it comes to our eating…

So here you go::

Think of a habit you want to stop:

  1. What would be different if you stopped this habit?
  1. What are the benefits of doing this habit? How does it impact those around you?
  1. What are the consequences of doing this habit? Who else is impacted and how does it impact them?

That’s all for today

Matt ‘New York Times Best Seller: the gorilla diet’ Fruci

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