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Thank you, Boris?

As we head in to November 

I thought I would look back and reflect at exactly what has happened this year.. 

I love to do this ..

In the bath.

One new habit of mine, actually. 

I probably had more baths than ever during lockdown 1 …

Epsom salts 

Hot chocolate ..

Easily pleased.

Oh, And The kids must be fast asleep  in bed …

Otherwise they walk in and out

And on one occasion actually got in wearing their pyjamas 

^^ so much for ‘me’ time

So, it’s prompted me to share these 7 lessons from lockdown 1

To shift my mind so that I am GRATEFUL IN ADVANCE

Because the thing is..

Many people had ‘regrets’ during lockdown 1 (me included) 

And I also learnt A LOT…

It exposed a lot..

I can sulk…

Dwell on self soothing habits that make me feel worse..

Waste energy complaining..


Take control on what I can control.

Which is my PERCEPTION of this situation.

A situation is just  a situation  

An obstacle is just an obstacle..

How you perceive it, will dictate your LIFE..

Obstacles à Perception à Decisions à LIFE

And every action you do today

Is a vote for the person YOU want to become…

And whether you like it or not?

You are a role model to those around you…

And it becomes the question of

What type of role model do you want to become…

So here’s 8 lessons from lockdown 1 that I can apply:

1–> I used to waste so much time “nipping” to the shops…even though I may have planned my meals, there was always something that I “could” get…

This wasted time and actually leads me to being less productive (probably why I wasn’t getting around to having my bath).

Doing a bigger shop or getting a veg box/ having set times to do shopping / order it has helped massively. 

Funny part?

I knew having a plan saves time

Yet didn’t do this for my shopping so much…

In essence, we will have MORE time…

As this habit slipped back in.

2–> I haven’t done as much as I’d like but that’s ok…

I love getting “stuff” done…

It makes me feel good.

And although I can look back at all of the stuff I have done…

There’s still things I wanted to do during lockdown 1 that I didn’t…

The book I wanted to read..

The longer meditations I wanted to do.

But you know what? 


Just maybe 

Other things are more important to me.

And that’s ok. 

Like our new ‘normal’ 28 Day Habit Kickstart for ladies over 40…starting on Monday.

Like family and spending time with them. 

^^^ careful though, I’ve also used that excuse for not cleaning my office haha 😂 

3 —> simple things entertain kids —> sticks, boxes, pots, pans, walking, Chase, throwing them up in the air…

Truth is, all they really want is your attention.

I will get to spend more time with my family.

4 —> People can be motivated to exercise from home —>

Don’t get me wrong 

For some, in-person coaching and exercise is best…

(and I am grateful I am able to provide one to one personal training outside during November)

But we’ve had amazing messages from the ladies on our programme.

Of course, it was tough during Lockdown 1.

But they’ve kept going and supported each other. 

Here are a few messages:

“I am so grateful for the workouts Matt, and the discipline keeping a morning routine, I missed it once and learnt from it. I am actually feeling in control”


“I feel amazing. I am so grateful for this community. Grateful for your insight and inspiration. So try what you say about making yourself accountable and planning workouts daily. I feel great”


“Workouts keep me sane. Workout done. Walk done”


“Will do the workout at lunchtime. Did my first 15 minutes jog this morning with 2 1 minute breaks. First time I’ve ‘run’ in about 2 decades. Thank you. Well chuffed”


5–> I can’t draw 😂 

We did a drawing of a tree house the other day. And comment. 

6–> Resilience  – I’ll be honest, when it was all first announced that we were going in to lockdown 1

I did half hit the panic button 

(Even though I knew it was coming)

But the thing is

You can’t help stressed people by being stressed yourself 

That’s exactly why we just kept the exact same timetable (and more ) with our timetable.

And you know what?

Many of the ladies have actually just stuck to our Home Kickstart even when we opened back up…

Simply because we kept the timetable NO DIFFERENT…

And that is exactly what we are doing ☺

Without sounding cringe ..

Every chapter of life 

Will teach you something.

As Byron Katie says:

“Everything happens for you, not to you, at exactly the right time”

And the result of this 

Has been that I’ve been able to work with some people 

Who would never be actually joined because they felt we were too far away 

But have joined us and got great results 

Not just with their fitness 

But their relationship with food, too.

7- Our brand new studio in Devizes will be ready à

November will give us a month to get our brand new ladies only studio looking amazing for you for our Kickstart in December. 

8–> All you need is a towel  —> we have had some amazing workouts simply using a towel.

With some ladies finding that the new exercises we have done 

Has helped old shoulder and back issues…

After joining in with one of our sessions

I don’t think you’ll ever look at a towel the same way again 😉 


On top of our 

live home workouts..

We have our 28 Day Habit Fix Challenge starting on Monday…

If you’d like more info on our 28 Day Habit Kickstart specifically for ladies over 40 who want to fit their clothes better, get fit and do the things they know they need to do..

Message me with ‘28 day’ and I’ll get you the details. 

Matt ‘see you later?’ Fruci